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Overview of our main products
Speed measurement

The Precision-Measuring Light Barriers 203 have been developed for the speed measurement in crash tests and at test benches for the vehicle security. The evaluation unit Speed Counter 373 is the supplement to the Light Barriers 203.

Tire Test
For tire tests the mobile devices "Portable Friction Tester" (PFT) for the measurement of the friction of roads or test tracks, the "Digitalker III" for standard tire tests and the "Supersonic Water-Depth Measuring-Device" for detecting the actual water depth on test areas are available.
Measurement technology for autonomic vehicles
Highly complex problems, the demand for precise and repeatable measuring results, an effective 24-hour operation and safety-critical working areas are requiring the usage of automomic vehicles in numerous applications
Geological exploration on salt floors

The acquisition systems Ground Radar 284 and Radar Probe 294 record the reflections of HF pulses in interfaces in the salt. GHz-Sampling rates are used with a band width of 300 MHz.


In-Dummy measuring technology with DiMods and Crashrecorders

In the automotive crash measurement technology dummies are used to measure the accident effects on the vehicle passengers. Because of constantly increasing requirements for the measurement technique, a miniature technology directly installed into the dummies offers absolutely new perspectives.

The complete In-Dummy measuring technology was sold to the company Kistler. Please contact www.kistler.com.

Special Developments
From the planning to the testing we are creating special development and software applications in close cooperation with our customers. Numerous customer specific solutions have been developed and designed during the last years which optimally meet the requirements of the customers.

Radio interface 286 for the transmission of selected CAN data between test vehicles and central unit. CAN parameters can be centrally adjusted by Dbc files at the central unit.

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